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10 of my (sacred) principles – part I

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

When you turn 40, you examine conscience. I said it wrong - when I turned 40, I started to wonder what had happened, what were the higher forces that made me here and now.

Analyzing my life quite meticulously, doing my own, difficult, but necessary examination of conscience, I concluded that my whole life, more or less consciously, was guided by certain rules and restrictions that I imposed on myself.

It had nothing to do with generally accepted rules. Slowly, with a sincere understanding of myself, I created my own code without the slightest pressure from outside. 10 commandments by which I live, and which give me absolute inner peace.

You can agree with them or not. I am not looking for confirmation of my truths.

My only intention is to reach the deepest layers of my own self. I wish my analysis of myself would lead to your very personal race of thoughts. This chase will catch the winner. There will be something, the essence, and the stem of your Self.

After 43 years, my backbone of life is reduced to my 10 (sacred) principles:

1) I am always true to myself.

I've been here and there. I don't mean sightseeing tours. I got to know life from its brightest and darkest sides. And that's how it was supposed to be! These experiences made me who I am.

Today I know that when I was on this path, miracles happened only when I listened to myself. Only when I listened to the whispering voice of intuition, I experienced a soft landing. Even when the journey through this chapter of my life was quite complicated and difficult, my never-leaving intuition happily brought me to the end. I just had to listen!

Each of us has this inner voice that prompts us.

My humble advice - LISTEN!

In fact, we always know what is good for us and what is not so good.

If you stop the rush of thoughts for a moment, you will hear this soft but very poignant voice of your own intuition. It is always there!

Just shut up and listen!

2) I believe that what is meant to be mine will be mine.

I have learned not to force anything. Whatever is destined for me will be mine. If something is to be mine, it will happen, if not, it means that something better is waiting for me. What's mine will always find me. This belief allows me to live with inner peace, without struggling and fighting the windmills.

When life crashes me with decisions I must make, problems I have to face when I think I can't do it, then I take a deep breath and think to myself: Whatever is meant to be, will be!

3) Karma is something that will always happen.

I try to live in such a way as not to hurt anyone. I do not want to be misunderstood; I am far from Mother Teresa.

I live my life with distance from everything. I do not waste my energy in retaliation, I believe that fate will do it for me. I always remember that time is the most valuable (read about it here), I don't waste it hating others. My philosophy is that those who have hurt me will get to the point where they must pay for it, where evil is accounted for. I think karma is a phenomenon where mistakes are forgiven as part of the school of life, but meanings are charged like a debt you must pay off to survive.

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

4) I am not religious; I cannot be faithful to ideals that I do not believe in.

I absolutely believe in God as the supreme force, the energy that creates this world. I also uncompromisingly believe in man as the work of God, and the imperfectly perfect individual who gives meaning to the whole work of God.

I do not doubt that there is something more than the here and now. The power of human reason, the boundless need for understanding, the never-ending pursuit of the truth, hundreds of philosophical messages and analyzes, dozens of inexplicable phenomena, situations, moments - all this proves to be the existence of a powerful force, undeniably moving in its power. It is a force that some call God, others the Spirit of the Universe, others the Energy of Being. Whatever it is called, I am sure it is. The energy that binds the universe together.

Religion is something that uses the power of this energy to impose human laws. Religion is the human need for power and domination through God's name.

Religion disturbs my faith in God. God is love; religion is a code of laws that dictate absolute compliance.

I don't think God likes it at all. I do not like it.

Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there. - David Bowie

5) I am not a hypocrite.

The world today is saturated with hypocrisy. It really makes me tired. The surrounding artificiality and the need to be plastic, which I do not understand. The hypocrites are those who water the artificial grass as if it were real. When you look closely, you will notice that it's not this color of green. What a pointless waste of water. I don't understand hypocrites, it's an alien species to me! I water the real grass!

I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite ...

Here are five of my ten principles.

My secret hope is that you will reflect on them and spend several minutes of your priceless time thinking about them.

To be continued...


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Feb 06, 2022

As I did my sweet. Iam in total agreement with you .....why lie when the truth is real

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