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10 of my (sacred) principles – part II

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Thank you for getting to this point - another portion of my reflections. Here is a continuation of the 10 of my commandments, the truths by which I live.

6) The most important is love.

I live by love, and I observe the love around me. I believe love is the only feeling given to us. Everything we do, how we live, what we believe in has its beginning and ends in love. Hate comes from love - you can't hate if you haven't loved. We are born with love, it is assigned to our soul (it takes the soul for granted), continuing a philosophical analysis, love is the soul!

I have always believed that if people only loved each other, there would be no wars.

I support love in all its forms. It's not even like that, love has no form for me. Love is the purest and most human quality.

If you love yourself, you love the world around you. If you do not love what is around you, even though it makes me sad, I am glad that by reading this text you have a chance to understand where the problem is.

Love is life, it is the meaning of life. Love is the only feeling that in one word fully and thoroughly defines a person.

I want it to be assimilated!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix.

7) The strength is in me.

It amazes me how much we are unaware of our own power. It makes me sad and terrified at the same time. After all, no one wants to meet face to face with someone who has a gun in his hand and completely does not know how to use it or how it works. That's how I see most of the people.

We have enormous power, strength, internal energy that can work miracles, and we are not aware of it.

I wish everyone would understand.


We can have whatever we want if we understand it and believe in it. And even if it may seem like sectarian chatter, try it!

My mother told me one day: They all have dreams, but it seems that you are the only one who achieves them.

Whatever I came up with 10 years ago is happening today. Not because I'm better than the others. I'm not. I just have no doubts that what I want will happen.

I believe in myself without limit and this faith makes my dreams come true.

No one is you and that is your power!

8) I don't judge anyone.

Each of us has our own baggage of experiences. We have no idea who the people we pass on the street are or have gone through. For years, I have been trying and working on it every day - not judging anyone, not jumping to conclusions.

I would like to refer to Polish people for a moment, because I am hurt by this national characteristic, resulting in more from thoughtlessness than heartlessness, often inhuman and cruel and groundless evaluation of our brothers.

We cannot be in our neighbor's shoes, we cannot even be in our brother's slippers, and yet the average Polish person has no problem criticizing, summarize, and express an unfavorable opinion.

The thing is no one asked for an opinion!

If you are 5 years old, you should know by now that you don't talk when no one asks. This is how we raise children!

So, I do not know how the Polish people have the inner conviction that expressing their own opinion undesirable by anyone proves truthfulness and sincerity is the result of the best intentions.

Hell is paved with good intentions. That's what my grandmother used to say, and I believe her.

I do not judge! And please, refrain from honest opinions.

They hurt like daggers driven deep into the heart. Some will not survive it.

Everybody's got something!

9) I do not want and cannot change anyone.

As a young woman, I believed that I could change HIM. It seemed to me that my love, what we have so special, is sufficient motivation, it would change HIM.


I can't change anyone!

The only person who can change me is ME!

The only person who can change him is HIM!

I can show HIM how much I support HIM, or how I believe in HIM. I can make HIM coffee in the morning and cook dinner in the afternoon.

If there is a problem, neither the best coffee nor the steak served every evening will solve it.

Change is a very personal endeavor. I even think real change happens in the desert, in absolute fasting, without coffee. Change is destruction, the destruction of the old regime, a shock that must be overcome in a one-on-one fight - me with myself.

I don't want to change anyone!

I can only help you choose an effective weapon for this heroic fight.

You learn in life that the only person you can really correct, and change is yourself. - Katherine Hepburn

10) Time is the most precious thing.

If you know me or read what I am writing, you know that for me there is nothing more precious in life than time (you can read more about it here).

Time is testing me. Every day I must decide what is important and what is more important.

How important I am to people in my world, is defined through time: how much time are you able to devote to me? Do you pick up the phone when I call? What minute of your life am I in these 1,440 minutes every day?

Time determines the direction, the future. Time calms the past.

Time allows for interpersonal relationships.

We meet a lot of people in this lifetime. Those who will remain in it or leave their mark on our existence are those we met in due course.

Time is an unfavorable or eminently favorable aspect of our living life.

The time factor allows us to make friends, shape relationships, plan a life together, or vice versa - unfavorable circumstances ruin friendships, tear our hearts apart, and push us into the dark tunnels of life.

In my opinion, time is like a sailing boat on which you sail through life - you must use every gust of wind if you want to achieve your goals. Understanding this brings you inner peace.

That's it!

I have come to the end of my deliberations, analyzing the 10 truths that I live by.

Thanks to the diligent application of these principles for over 20 years, I have something that cannot be bought with any money in the world. I have an inner conviction that I am exactly what I should be. This translates into a sense of friendship with myself, the obvious feeling that the world loves me, values ​​me, and likes me exactly as I am.

I believe that I am enough!

What are your truths?

You change the world by being yourself. - Yoko Ono


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06 de fev. de 2022

And unto each of us we are given our life . To share, to help, and to we travel...thank you sweet Anna

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