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Goldfish makes wishes.

And if I were to catch a goldfish ... THIS goldfish.

I don't go fishing. Sometimes, when I want to be closer to nature, but I don't like fishing, I prefer to look. However, when I am there, staring at the water, there is always a childhood thought, what would I wish if I had caught THAT goldfish ...

Three wishes that could change my life. How much do I want to change my life?

I am struck by the belief that I don’t want to! The only thing I dream about is the ability to use 300% of what I know today. What sounded like a foreign language 10 years ago to me, today and I understand it very well. A goldfish could help me develop this new knowledge, extract the essence of this discovery.

So assuming I have three wishes and none of them can be sneaky like I want the next 100 wishes to come true, here are my wishes:

1) People are definitely the most important. So, referring to what I wrote about before (read here), I would need people who inspire me. However, I would like there to be a whole lot of them, a flood of people who would surround me, eat breakfast with me, go for walks to the zoo, or sink their feet in the beach sand, hug me tightly so that I would not feel lonely and hold my hand so that I would not be sad. I would like to spend every day with people who are the inspiration. How happy I would be then, constantly experiencing new discoveries, joy, euphoria, faith in a better tomorrow. I would find love among such people, I would become better, I would learn something new about myself and the world every day in an accelerated mode. I would draw energy for creating and being. It would be much easier for me to find the meaning of existence in myself, the motivation to constantly seek answers to the constantly recurring questions. Faith in man would be reduced to elementary needs, human awesomeness and imperfection would propel the train on which I would travel kilometers of self-knowledge. The man of my wish would come first.

2) My second wish is related to my constant need to find balance in my life.

It seems very obvious, even trivial, but in my case (in my life), being in absolute balance is almost a miracle. When I work too much, I don't have the strength to talk, go for a walk, or go to the movies. When I read a good book, I can't bring myself to work, but the clients are calling, so I feel guilty. Even though I try very hard, it often doesn't happen as I imagined.

I would like to know that everything I do is in balance with me.

Only such a state of existence leads to happiness, self-satisfaction, long life, and health. Balance is a secret to self-fulfillment, it divides each day into small squares, which contain aspects of the most important things: children, work, going out for a drink after work, a book before going to bed, sailing during summer vacation, calling a friend, candlelight dinner, a rock concert in summer or a sleigh ride in winter.

Functioning in absolute balance, with finding time for everything that is most important to me - that would be my second wish.

3) I leave the last wish for work - a very important and inseparable part of our lives.

I love my job, but sometimes I feel that I would like to do more ... I would like my job to be an absolute fulfillment for me. I know that then money would become a side effect of this fulfillment. I cannot live without work, but I would like to be able to fully find myself through work because then work would find me. The interchangeable transaction, mutual love, and devotion - work that allows you to discover, to get to know, that brings different joy every day and that gives meaning to a productive existence. It makes me happy to think about it.

My three wishes reflect my present, me today, maybe in a few years they will be completely different.

I am excited to know that without a goldfish, I am trying to achieve a state of fulfillment with the effort of my own will and energy.

THIS goldfish would certainly make my task easier, perhaps speed up the course of events.

I quietly think I'm on the right track so it's only a matter of time. Maybe I need this time to understand, to learn by drawing conclusions ...

After all, it would be great to meet a goldfish ...

And what would YOU ask her if you caught her?


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Feb 06, 2022

Alas my dear, my soul tells me you can never allow yourself to catch a gold fish. I think you would shrivel and disappear. So tomorrow brings more wishes for you, because you deserve them.

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