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People of my life – colors assigned to me.

I'm addicted to people close to me, friends, or those who I want to believe they are. It's like a drug I can't live without.

Although sometimes it reaches me that some of them can kill me one day, emotionally suck the last drops of boiling blood. The deeper I dedicate myself to them, the greater the possibility that I will not survive it. Maybe I have a gambler’s chromosome in me because I always risk it. Cool analysis of the relationships has never been my strength. I allow myself to sail the current of euphory, the need to experience new people wins. "If you don’t take a risk, you will never drink the champagne!"

People bring a spark of vivid color to my masterpiece of life. This whole picture, the entire life, is people: those who were, those who are, and those who will be one day. It is with them and by them, I paint my existence.

There are dominant colors, characters that have had a veiled impact on me. Each person adds color to my life’s canvas.

Red – I equate it with the color of love, like most of us. My image is saturated with shades of red, sometimes covered with a thick layer of blue.

Blue is grief, sadness, sometimes despair, blue reminds me of tears. There were many tears...

Astonishing that gradually mixed with red triggers violet – the color of forgiveness, my color of inner peace.

So that tears are not unbearable, I decided to add a little yellow, people who bring happiness, joy, who are like the sun that warms up. In combination with deep blue sorrow, green is activated – the color of healing, rebirth, return to its own element.

Sometimes the yellow hooks with a more or less desired drop of red, and then the passion – orange – fire manifests itself.

Isolated remains white and black. White is light, black is absolute lack of it. These are the colors of the days – sometimes completely dark, sometimes blindingly bright, and intense, always undeniably visible on my canvas.

It is a continuous transformation, a work whose result one day I will be able to judge from the perspective of heaven.

All these shades, still mixed, applied to each other, determine the direction of my craftsmanship, lead to a unique and original work of art - work of my life!

All these magical colors are emotions that only the other person can liberate in us. Pricelessness and uniqueness are dictated by an unlimited color palette.

Each of us creates our own colors, but each of us is a color in someone else's image. The ability of emotions to penetrate, the endless brightness of colors, the unconditionality of expression, the awareness of existence, and the power of communication give direction to every brush of time.

Although white and black dominate my wardrobe and life would be much easier without shades of gray, I think it would be sad if we had never experienced red in its deepest shades. How poor would we be if green was associated only with money and purple was attributed to mourning?

Every day I mix my palette, enjoy its diversity, try to maintain balance, and although I have my vision, the most intriguing is the element of surprise – I never know who will appear next, what is the next color that will dominate my life.

People come and go leaving behind a trace, a shade of emotion that was defining this relationship. I look at it, sometimes I move two steps back to see better, and when I am looking around I think: What color will I use to sign at the end?


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Feb 06, 2022

Color, what is it.? you know as well as I do...It runs through our veins. Everyday our internal heart beat gives us a reason for living, but the color tells us why we live. We live it, we breath it, we feel it. we know it...its that simple .

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