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What I certainly can’t live without...

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I think that each of us has something in life that wouldn’t be able to live without. At least that's the belief. And if suddenly you were forced to select that something...

Human is a fascinating creature. We can adapt very quickly to an entirely new reality and assimilate it. Something that seemed like an abstraction becomes a reality, and somehow, we find ourselves in it. 2020 has proved it to us!

But despite changing situations that we have no control over, each of us has something. That one thing, a feeling, a conviction, a value that defines us, without which we can’t live. It’s that one thing that drives our day, pushes us forward, and determines who we are.

For me, this thing is INSPIRATION!

I search for it everywhere and find it everywhere. And I don’t mean lofty inspiration for creating pieces of art, even though everyone’s life is a kind of art. It requires inspiration, creativity, a good idea, determination, and a great desire to live.

My inspiration involves trying to find myself in the little things each day. The sunshine outside my window inspires me to get out of bed. A happy client who calls crying because she never owned such a beautiful ring inspires me to work even harder. My daughter, who is overjoyed with her new set of markers, inspires me to notice and enjoy the little things. My super-cute dog inspires me to take a break from work when he wants me to let him sit on my lap. The book I just read inspires me to learn a new language, and the movie I just watched inspires me to buy tickets to the other side of the world.

I find inspiration in everything, as I wouldn’t know how to live without it. Without it, I wouldn’t exist!

However, if I were to share my inspirations or sources of inspiration to create a kind of ladder of inspiration, MAN would be at the top of it. My biggest inspiration is people!

I love people who inspire me. They bring elements into my life that I can’t find in myself, yet they are necessary. I need these people like oxygen, and sometimes I’m aware of it, and sometimes I’m not until I experience them. I love being with them, hearing them talk, watching them gesticulate, smiling when they smile.

Not everyone inspires me. Some only flicker, appear, and pass away. No doubt, these people often bring a new experience to my life, teach me something important, and then they are gone. They are not an inspiration; they are a lesson!

Inspiration doesn’t fade away; inspiration leaves a thoughtful indigo touch. You can’t forget it! These are people I’m connected to for life. That’s true – even if I haven’t been in touch with them for years. The inspiration they were for me is still in the air I breathe every day.

I’m not looking for them; they’re probably not looking for me. We just find each other because we’re just looking for the same thing: inspiration from another person.

It’s the same when you go for a walk with a dog and, all of a sudden, you see everyone walking their dog. Or, when you are a fan of The Rolling Stones, you always see those who have a t-shirt with the distinctive tongue stuck out. You immediately feel a connection. There is solidarity in that you understand each other on a certain level.

It’s the same with inspiration. I want to keep the people who inspire me. They are my friends, they were my lovers, together we sailed through Masuria lakes, spent vacations under a tent, studied for exams in college, or ran naked on the beach in the moonlight. These are people who told me that I can have my own rainbow when water skiing or that my sweaty, shirtless body resembles that of a gladiator’s under the lights of a nightclub. The same people were lying with me on the winter beach when the Baltic was frozen and the ships were hitting the ice while entering the port. It seemed as if Neptune was waking up, stretching his bones and yawning, bored with the cold.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, how long we haven’t seen each other. We start talking, and it seems like we’ve never been apart. We both feel it.

My little inspirations come back to me every day: a song on the radio that reminds me why love is the most important thing; a kid who walks younger siblings through the street, holding them by the hand, because he wants to protect them at all costs; a driver who blocks traffic so the squirrel can safely cross the street; an elderly gentleman with a bouquet of sunflowers for his beloved because you never know if there will be another opportunity to make her happy.

People are my inspiration – maybe not every day, not every year, but they always come back.

I want to believe they can’t live without inspiration, either.

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