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Optimism creates peace.

Updated: May 1, 2021

I have always been an incorrigible optimist, but it took me many years to get inner peace.

I used to want everything all at once, my way. I believed that I could implement any idea, more or less crazy, and more importantly, stand my own ground.

Today I know that's not the point. Stubborn in its fierceness, persuasive decisions taken by force lead to an internal mess and unnecessary chaos.

Fortunately, I found the ability to drift with the flow on my own raft, on my own river. I've never been able to find myself on a river followed by a crowd. I tried many times when I was a teenager, I wanted to fit in, but it never ended well. I always found myself going against the tide.

I'm quite comfortable by nature, and going against the tide requires a huge amount of effort and takes way too much time (I value time above all else, you can read about it here )

So, I came up with the idea that I had to create my own river, a whole sea of my own rules, truths, personal philosophy of life.

I had a solid raft: it was the basics got from home, the belief in my own priceless resources, my self-belief.

A river is a fascinating natural phenomenon = – all you have to do is give it a start, let it flow, and the current will quickly take care of the rest, choose the best way. Of course, meanders are included, they happen, but when you look at them, you will notice that they appear when you need to get past the obstacle. The road is a little more winding, but beautiful views, with no unnecessary turbulence and dangerous surprises.

It is impossible to push through anything in life, at least for me it was always too destructive. Whatever is meant for us will not be missed. I am boundlessly convinced of this, and trust in a force far greater than myself. My job is to listen to myself. This is part of the lesson that our life is.

My river is all that is meant and good for me. Even if the world doesn't necessarily agree with it if I don't annoy nor hurt anyone, why should I go with a much more inconvenient current for me? The need for the company does not convince me. Besides, we will never please everyone. When we are in the wrong place, especially among others, we feel the loneliest.

I'm not afraid to be who I am. I believe that nothing bad, or what is not meant for me, will happen to me if I am internally weathered and prepared to face everything because I am on the right path.

I enjoy the moment, I appreciate the little things that happen to me along the way, I cry with happiness when my dreams come true. The inner balance keeps me grounded, I know I won't drown!

I surround myself with people who go within their own flow. Only they can understand who I am and what I follow. The sheer tolerance and acceptance of the world's strangeness and diversity allow me to learn something new every day. How colorless our lives would be if we were all the same!

The awareness of having a solid raft and my own, right direction to follow open up broad horizons, endless possibilities. Whatever is waiting for me, somewhere far away, will be mine. I'm sure I'll touch it one day, and in the meantime, I'm gathering little happiness. I see and capture the joys and pleasures of life because they are the fuel for my motor of life. Without this, I would have run out of strength to strive.

I respect others because I want to be respected, but I completely don't whether others accept my path or not. They don't have to go through it. It's not their destiny.

I have only one life! Even if I believe in thousands of incarnations, the soul as existence and reincarnation, the life I have now is unique. I want to experience it in uncompromising peace with myself.

My courage comes from my innate optimism and the never-ending need for new experiences and self-fulfillment.

Life is beautiful when you follow your own river that flows into the vast ocean of possibilities!



Feb 06, 2022

WHEW!!!!!!!!!! you go girl...............AMEN


Mar 15, 2021

powerful and inspirational

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