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What is time for me?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

For me, time is the most precious thing! Its value doesn’t translate into any money because you can’t buy it.

Sometimes I meet men who would like to be a part of my life, and since it’s a pity to waste my time, I’m always very direct and say, ” I’m demanding! I don’t care about your money. I can buy for myself whatever I want. All I need from you is your time. I’m not one of those women who fill in the gaps in your schedule. I set your schedule ... or not.”

It turns out a significant part of them cannot give me their time. They could buy me a $30,000 Hermes handbag that I don’t need at all, but they can’t offer me a trip to the ocean on Saturday. It is sad. It also confirms my belief that time is truly priceless.

You will always find a chance to make more money, make up for what you have lost. You can never make up for the lost time, passed unnoticed or consumed on unimportant things.

I am fascinated by quantum physics, and according to its theory, time in the universe doesn’t exist. It’s people on Earth who invented it and, paradoxically, live by it. I understand these analyses, I agree with their unconventional theories, and I still think that time is of the essence.

Regardless of who we are, each of us has 24 hours available every day. Every day we decide how to make the most of it. When someone tells me they don’t have time, that doesn’t mean they don’t. It means they don’t have it for me. This short statement immediately reflects my place on their list of priorities. Each of us has such a list. Even if we don’t define it in that way, we make choices every day: what’s essential and more important, for whom I’m willing to devote my time and whom I’m not.

Time unites us. It’s the common denominator of humanity. Believe me, The President of America, Mick Jagger, or the Queen of England, all have the same dilemma as me or you: how to make the most of the day and use it its fullest, our priceless 24 hours.

I try my best to divide my time between my children, my work, my beloved books, and friends who always have time for me. I try to make the most of every day and learn from every minute. Sure, sometimes I do not want to do anything, and I am lying n bed, on the beach, or on the lawn behind the house, but even then, I think about how I appreciate this moment. I use this time to enjoy an instant that will leave behind unique memories.

What defines us are precisely these memories – time devoted to ourselves, based on understanding one’s own needs and desires— wonderful debauchery, which I always support.

By consuming time, we never lose. We cannot undo or make up for it, but if we can think about it and learn lessons, we always gain something. It’s the best investment in yourself.

That is why I value my time more than anything else, more than money.

For this reason, I greatly appreciate that you have decided to devote 3 minutes of your priceless time to read my post. This is very inspiring and touching for me.



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06 lut 2022

You are welcome my love.........Tic Tock...

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