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Just ahead

Every day I raise my bar higher and higher, believing that one day I will touch the stars.

Always move forward. No matter how small the steps are, or how slowly I move, the most important thing is to move evenly forward.

The conviction and the feeling that every day I am closer to my goal, achieving it and touching whatever I want, absolutely guide my life. This need to push forward is ME.

I don't think much about the future, I don't worry too much, I don't live blue dreams. I take each day like it's the last. Every day I try to give 300% of myself. It does not always work, but it certainly always is my intention. I grab the days in handfuls, I try to squeeze out the smallest drop of each hour, break down each minute into the first parts so that nothing escapes.

Most of my day is about work. I love my work, each project is the most important in the world for me and despite the fact that I've been doing it for 20 years, I learn something new every day. It is this sense of self-improvement, of striving towards perfection, that drives my motor of physical earthly existence, confirming my unconditional thesis of limitless possibilities.

When I'm not working, I read ... I read a lot ... I swallow philosophical concepts of existence.

Quantum physics burns my insatiable curiosity like hot coals in search of answers to the questions: Who am I? Why am I alive? Is the end the beginning and the beginning the next turn?

I read because it gives me the conviction that I know more, that I am closer to my stars.

I love to know, I am excited by the very possibility of getting to know myself, improving myself, touching spaces that a few years ago were too distant to think about. Continuous, unrestrained forward movement is an indispensable part of ME. Standing still is destructive, it kills the spirit of light in me.

Light is life!

Apart from work, children, a dog, books, or the miracle of nature that surrounds me, my friends are an inseparable part of my life.

I don't have many of them, because I don't have time for Tuesday lunches and talks about the latest fashion trends for dogs.

I have two true friends.

Of course, there are my people-inspiration (read about it here), those with whom I don't see and talk for months or years, but when we meet, it's like time doesn't exist. I love that they are.

I expect more from my closest friends than just that. Never as much as I expect from myself, but I need them as stimulation, a conviction that by raising the bar we are a kind of basis for each other. My crossbar and their crossbars must form a solid structure. For that to be the case, we must keep them at the same level. If one falls, the whole structure collapses.

We all make mistakes, I probably do more than others, but in my opinion, these mistakes allow us to come even closer to each other.

Once a mistake is a mistake, a second-time same mistake becomes a choice.

The most important thing is to recognize these mistakes, admit them, and try not to repeat them at all costs.

This is what I expect of myself and my friends. Learning from your mistakes and drawing the right conclusions is what raises the bar every day.

I compare life to school. Sometimes you can give someone a cheat sheet, but if it happens frequently, you start to feel used. Why always you? Everyone should spend their time studying.

In retrospect, this brings a temporary solution, it would be better to do homework together.

I'm doing mine, I don't count on cheat sheets. In my journey of life, on the way to self-improvement, I don't have much time to prepare cheat sheets for others.

I absolutely believe in human strength and wisdom.

My friends are those with whom I learn, improve, and discover the limitless spaces of the world's promise. We help each other to carry the crossbars so that the structure does not collapse, the main thing is to keep them at the same level as the highest level.

If you are counting on cheats from me, change to another bench.

I want us to study together in this school called LIFE.

I want to complete successive classes together.

Just ahead!


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Feb 06, 2022

How can one gorgeous woman, be so much like me. We are no relation, and yet our souls have touched from the first introduction. Life gave us each other. Why? to learn, to love, to be passed on to others. LIFE, is what we make it, even if when I speak, and tell you gorgeous friend you'll make it. This all means (AS MY HEART BROKE) you both will be apart for a long time. That is true love and devotion to my friend. My precious, writes words to help you through LIFE! LISTEN.

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